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About Us

Ri´ziliens is a team of skilled business resilience consultants with significant experience of operational leadership and commercial service delivery of crisis management, emergency management and business continuity management consulting across all industries and in over 30 countries. Our team has a solid blend of military resilience skill sets and hands on industry experience in analysis, system development and training that ensures first class and proven project outcomes.

Our passion and focus is the delivery of bespoke solutions that can only be achieved through close working relationships that allow us to fully understand a client’s objectives, culture and existing level of resilience capacity. We are committed to delivering a personalised, flexible and scalable service that is focused on client needs. We do this through the employment of enthusiastic and dedicated permanent staff members who are occasionally supported by a select and motivated group of associates capable of providing expert subject matter skill sets when required.  

Our people thrive on close working relationships with our clients and gain immense satisfaction from managing expectations and challenges to achieve outstanding results. It is important to us that the experience is enjoyable for all involved and our team will do everything possible to build long-term relationships based on trust, value for money and top quality service delivery

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