Crisis & Emergency Management

Challenge - An O&G client wanted best practice advice on preparation and execution of crisis & emergency management arrangements in support of an offshore drilling campaign. Solutions - We worked with the client to develop a fit-for-purpose set of governing procedures and organisational structure tailored to suit both Australian requirements and those of their US based parent company. We provided tailored on-site training for key project and company personnel in preparation for the campaign. We augmented their Emergency Management standby capability by providing trained and experienced personnel as key appointments in their Incident Management Team.

Simulation Exercises

Challenge - One of our clients was required to conduct a multi level Tier III oil spill exercise to meet regulatory and corporate governance standards.

Solution - Our project team worked closely with the client to develop an agreed set of exercise aims, objectives and a detailed scenario based on a credible risk event. We then facilitated a day-long exercise involving the Australian business unit, key contractors and the clients two corporate offices in Europe.
Our detailed post activity report highlighted a number of strengths and process improvement opportunities which we worked with the client to implement. The outcome was an enhanced level of understanding and preparation for their upcoming drilling campaign.

Business Continuity Management

Challenge - A large utility company had recently undertaken an extensive business Continuity project headed up by a large accounting firm. The project had consumed a significant amount of employee time and developed reams of technical data which was little understood or implementable by the end users. Solutions - Our experience was applied to developing a project plan in conjunction with the client. We then led the project team charged with rationalising the overly complicated business process mapping and implement fit-for-purpose BCPs across corporate and business unit functions. The bespoke approach has allowed the organisation to better understand the BC process and has improved the confidence to implement timely and robust business resilience measures.

Risk Management

Challenge - A government agency was responsible for conducting a State-wide assessment of a prescribed emergency hazard. The potential hazard had implications for a broad range of stakeholders including other government agencies, industry and community groups. We were engaged to research, consult and facilitate the assessment project.

Solutions - We developed a project road map and researched options for a best-practice approach to manage the hazard. Following detailed engagement with stakeholders, we prepare and facilitated a State level risk workshop to achieve consensus on the best way to collectively manage the risk. The review highlighted a number of initiatives for implementation as part of the State risk project and assisted to informed key decision makers. The guidance developed during the assessment also serves to inform detailed assessments at district and local government levels.

Governance Systems

Challenge - Building a new project team to develop a significant environmental regulatory application was the challenge facing one of our O&G clients. The project complexity included a significant number of dynamic stakeholders and a challenging timeframe.

Solutions - A composite project team was formed to which we contributed our expertise in the fields of Safety Cases, Emergency Management and Oil Pollution. Our embedded staff provided invaluable guidance on developing tailored approaches to an unchartered regulatory environment and detailed project process planning. We designed ground breaking processes which formed the basis of detailed content for the regulatory submission.

Competency Based Training

Challenge - A client who operates an offshore processing and export platform has an enduring requirement to train personnel to regulatory approved competency standards of emergency management. With a tight energy market, their existing solution of sending personnel on classroom style courses was proving to be a significant cost and time burden. Solutions - We developed and delivered contextualised courses on the facility which qualified their work group in accredited competency based training from the Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining (PMA08) training series. The on-site course model has now been implemented with other clients operating similar offshore facilities. This innovative approach has enabled our clients to achieve a high level of site-specific skills through the contextualised training course. It has enabled them to use the training process to build team cohesion in a formed work group and implement continuous improvement of their emergency management capability at the facility. The model has also delivered considerable cost and time savings when compared to their previous training concept.

Security Management

Challenge - A Port Authority engaged us to conduct a rapid review and amendment of a set of separate port security plans in order to meet regulatory requirements for amalgamation. Solutions - We surged our project team to immediately work with the client and regulator to ensure an inclusive and coordinated revision of keystone documents. We then facilitated the submission and approval of plans in order to meet a tight compliance timeframe.

Project Case Studies

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