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Ri'ziliens Essentials - MOME Training

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Would you like to minimise the training footprint and train your facility ER teams in their actual environment? Why not conduct your MOME Competency Based Training (CBT) at your own facility?

MOME Training in a Classroom or a Control Room?

  • Training your facility based team to meet regulatory approved competency standards of emergency management can be time inefficient and costly when sending team members to training centre classroom style Management of Major Emergencies (MOME) courses.

  • We regularly develop and deliver contextualised courses at facilities which have qualified our clients’ offshore or onshore teams in accredited competency based training from the Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining (PMA08) training series.

  • This innovative on-site course model has enabled our clients to achieve high levels of site-specific skills through contextualised training. The course also assists clients to build team cohesion in a formed work group and implement continuous improvement of their emergency management capability at the facility.

What are the advantages of on-site CBT training?

  • Minimised training footprint - typical courses can be conducted over 2 days at the facility

  • Flexible delivery can be tailored to fit around work activities at the facility

  • MOME activities in the control room can be linked to live drills at the facility

  • Staff can be trained during their normal rostered swing

  • Key leadership roles are training with their team and work group

  • Actual control room facilities and capabilities are used and subjected to continuous improvement

  • Maintain essential emergency/incident management capability at significantly reduced cost

  • Highly cost effective due to minimal travel and accomodation expenses


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