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Ri'ziliens Essentials - Exercises

How do you best socialise your plans? What is the most suitable type of exercise? Need to build confidence in your system?

Discussion Exercises

  • Facilitator led discussion using one or more scenarios.

  • Unconstrained by real-time portrayal of events.

  • Facilitator will introduce problems of developing complexity to teams or syndicates for discussion and consideration of different functional requirements.

  • Useful tool to provide initial socialisation of plans and procedures.

  • Time effective and efficient.

  • Can be directed at a wider range of personnel.

  • Can be more free flowing, informal and exploratory than other exercise types.

  • Useful as a prelude to a single-level or multi-level functional exercise.

Single/Multi layer interactive exercises

  • Exercises will normally take place in an operational environment and require participants to actually perform the functions of their roles.

  • They are designed to test or practise a particular functional team, or teams, using real facilities.

  • Functional responses are conducted as if a real event were happening outside and exercises are normally run in real time and may include a live drill.

  • Scenario information is fed to participants through Role-Players in a manner similar to the way they would receive it ‘in the real world’, be that via phone or email.

  • The Role-Players operate as Exercise Control under an Exercise Controller who will monitor input of scenario information in accordance with a master scenario timeline.

  • The tempo of the exercise can be increased or decreased by regulating the flow of exercise inputs.

  • Interactive exercises are useful to: Practise, develop or assess decision making skills in a team and to assess the interaction of different functions and teams


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