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Ri'ziliens Essentials - Virtual Exercises

How do you maintain your site based emergency management capability in times of financial constraint?

The Virtual Exercise Solution

  • Running a virtual exercise for your site based emergency or incident management team with exercise control staff operating remotely is an effective way to continue your training programme in tight economic times.

  • The Ri’ziliens Virtual Exercise Model provides a cost effective and time efficient way to maintain capability without incurring the additional travel and accommodation costs of deploying consultants to site.

How Does it Work?

  • We build the training packages, scenarios and supporting exercise documents remotely through an exchange of phone calls and emails with appointed client representatives.

  • Pre-exercise briefing, and refresher training is conducted via video or teleconference and our project team leader will work closely with your own site based staff to ensure all preparation for the activity.

  • Our Exercise Control Team then facilitates the activity from our office in the Perth CBD or your own head office. We manage overall control of the pace of the exercise in conjunction with site based staff including the scenario timeline, inputs and stakeholder interaction through the use of email, SMS and telephone.

  • At the completion of the training, we facilitate a post-exercise debriefing and provide a written report on the overall activity with observations and recommendations to support your continuous improvement programme.

The Benefits

  • Reduce consultancy fees and travel costs by eliminating the need to mobilise

  • Eases scheduling shift change problems and handover pressures on flight days

  • Reduce the impact on site operations by limiting the activity to exercise time only

  • Maintain essential emergency/incident management capability at significantly reduced cost.


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