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Ri'ziliens Essentials - Oil Spill Response

How do you enhance your oil spill response capability?

Developing an Organisational Oil Spill Response Capability?

  • Developing a cohesive oil spill response capability commensurate with current legislative requirements and the array of available technical equipment can be a challenging undertaking. At Ri'ziliens, we have considerable experience in assisting organisations to plan, prepare and rehearse their responses to potential oil spills.

  • We can design entire systems and deliver training utilising our in-house expertise or or partner with organisations such as WA Department of Transport to deliver Emergency Management and Oil Spill Responder courses to suit your organisation.

  • Our expertise include developing bespoke contingency plans for government and industry as well as a proven ability to plan, develop and synchronise practical and management training activities culminating in a functional exercise that allows participants to implement essential response strategies and tactics.

Functional Exercise

  • Real time activation of management and field teams

  • application of procedures and skills to solve contextualised risk scenario

  • interaction between organisational teams

  • collective rehearsal and organisational improvement

Management Team Training

  • IMT/EMT members and key support staff

  • Practical aspects of team roles and responsibilities

  • Use of AIIMS/ICS principles for developing the Incident Action Plan (IAP)

  • IMT/EMT action processes and procedures

Practical Skills Training

  • Field/operational crews

  • Basic marine and shoreline response concepts

  • Deployment strategies, shoreline response assessment and clean up techniques

  • Practical instruction on use of oil spill response equipment


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