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Ri'ziliens Essentials - ’Smart’ Crisis and Incident Plans

Still carrying paper plans? Need ‘in-action’ crisis tools at your fingertips? Want to use existing software?

“The length of this document defends it well against the risk of it being read” - Winston Churchill

Busy travelling executives don't want to be weighed down with hard to carry/find paper manuals but need to access critical information in times of crisis or emergency. Why not harness the power of collaboration using existing smart sharing systems and communications applications? Using cloud based technology to leverage your existing crisis, incident and emergency plans on mobile devices via software or apps that you probably already have makes sense. There’s no need for overly complicated software systems or specialised training – just key information at your fingertips all the time in an operating environment you are familiar with.

Crisis and Incident Plans on your Phone

Ri’ziliens can take your current plans and develop ‘in-action’ smart versions that can be loaded onto your team’s mobile devices using off the shelf software such as ‘Evernote’ or ‘OneNote’. We can migrate existing plans to cloud based technology so that your designated plan custodian can easily manage content and access for designated Crisis and Emergency Management Team members.


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